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Gotcha! My fav cake!! This glaze nailed it; also the cake is perfect and will be a go-to – so simple! ciambellone, an italian tea cake. Sooo just made it!! MMMmmmm. Indeed, the crumb is as lush and plush as advertised, and the glazed crust as delicious, and it does indeed keep very well at room temperature. I’d look to King Arthur’s tips for guidance. When I need a recipe for anything, I come here first because you only post tried and tested recipes! I have tried numerous times to recreate my favorite (far away) bakery’s almond poppyseed muffins that are baked without a paper and then glazed upside down. Not too sweet, not too salty, I didn’t even miss the butter — it was perfect! It had to cook for so long (50-60 mins, i forget..) that the crust does have a bit of the burn taste. I made it with ev olive oil because that’s what I had. Can’t wait to try this! It can help to poke the cake in a few places. All of my favorite recipes are from Smitten Kitchen. I don’t know, either, but I trust you’ll do the right thing. They really were 2 different cakes, taste-wise. You were 1000% RIGHT!!! My batter, by the way, was more like something you “pour” not “scoop”. Keep in mind what I noted, which is that my larger one got very dark before it cooked through but was still incredible. Having visited Italy & experienced a Florence version of this cake (which I loved), I’m anxious to give this a whirl. Hoping this recipe will work with a good AP gluten free flour…what do you think? Then I mixed maple syrup and powdered sugar to make a maple glaze — topped with a bit of sea salt. Here’s an authentic Italian recipe…I’ve made it several times. Thanks for including weight-measures. Scrolling through the comments to see if anyone was thinking olive oil. It’s never a bad thing to have extra cake. Smitten Kitchen 3yr ago 91. I was thinking of using for strawberries and lemon cream. Recipes. It’s lovely. my last change was just an experiment that i think succeeded. So wait, what’s the verdict? If you’re using regular table salt, I recommend to reduce it a bit. Me too. blackberry-blueberry crumb pie. Other than halving the salt, I made this in a bundt pan, as written. Perfect! I made this for July 4th and everyone LOVED it! I made it in a standard angel food cake pan. Oh Deb you’ve done it again. I loved the texture of both the crust and crumb but none of my testers thought there was a doughnut vibe to it at all. I think it could be in a sheet pan, however, I like the more interesting crumb from a deeper cake. Also, cheers to the official start of summer and end of school! Baked them for 33 mins at 375°. Is this cake unusually sturdy or should I use my Bundt pan so I only have to flip it once? I think it would be fine but they might be more muffin-ish than frost-able cake-ish. I don’t think I would want more salt. And – for my niece who can’t have dairy, I recently made it using oat milk yogurt (or probiotic oat milk) and it worked perfectly and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at our Christmas in July (in August) gathering. Just perfekt! And I used sour cream cut with a little milk for the yogurt (I find them interchangeable). What is the diameter and depth of your pan? denise stiles. I saw this yesterday & went out to buy the ingredients! Hi, Took this to a cookout and my friends ate it up then I ate it for breakfast the next day. If I bake it again I’ll use two teaspoons of Diamond Kosher salt. Deb! I think I know why the original recipe makes so much batter – it’s all in the name. i don’t have a tube pan for this, but i have a donut pan for cake donuts which i may turn this recipe into, because you said the word donut/doughnut several times unconsciously planting the desire for donuts into my stomach. Why should I make a more rich, more sweet, and more mildly flavored cake than one I already like, you might ask? I didn’t see the need for corn syrup in icing so I omitted it and it was fine. the appearance of a doughnut, which is, in fact,…. It prints just the recipe. So rustically beautiful, just like in the picture. I think it’s important that the mascarpone be soft before adding to the recipe…. This recipe recommends you use a plain, not Greek-style, yogurt. I used baking spray and they popped out beautifully. Thanks for this recipe, looking for to making this with my son! I used canola, which is neutral, so I’m sad that it comes through so strongly. Take 1 – under baked…. I’ve made tons of SK recipes in the past and this is the first that has been a total failure. never heard of it. I will be making it regularly for quite a while…. One of the best desserts I’ve ever made or eaten! A wonderful cake with that delightful dark crust and perfect sweet/tart glaze. Note: We live at just over 7,000 feet above sea level in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so I adjusted for altitude using the tips at this page, https://bakingnaturally.org/high-altitude-baking-adjustments/. A simple, stunning, delicious cake. Also, your apple bundt cake is so amazing that my dad asks me to make it, and he doesn’t even really like cake or cinnamon; it’s THAT good! A ciambellone is a simple, sunny Italian tea cake with lemon zest and a rich crumb typically baked in a tube pan, which gives it a torus shape, i.e. I used sunflower oil on my bundt pan and did not have sticking problems. 1 teaspoon (5 grams) kosher salt. I’m sure it will be great :). thank you. I had tapped the cake to remove trapped air bubbles. It was so tender and light I almost couldn’t believe it, although it took almost a full *70 minutes* in my Bundt pan. I too wish for a wee bit more lemon flavour in the cake itself. I just tried to make it and had to cook it for perhaps 15-20mins longer, however, the longer it had to bake the darker it got where the panned was coated with sugar. Wow this cake is amazing. Is there a substitution for marscapone cheese? Also I used a bundt pan. Next time I‘ll try letting the cake cool 10-15 minutes before unmolding and see if that helps. Would there be enough batter to split it between two pans? This was truly disappointing. She recommends adding a cup and a half of berries during berry season. I cook professionally and this is a recipe worth keeping! thanks for all you do! All outstanding but none as good as this damn cake. I don’t have mascarpone, can I use the equivalent amount of cream cheese instead? That is what a great writer does, brings you in to her world, sits you down and shares wonderful recipes that I still use and your first cookbook still is in my kitchen in its slot next to my favorite cookbooks, with little butter stains, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Will have to try with this one! Lowered the salt to 2 tsp of pink Himalayan salt per peoples suggestions and used canola oil. Cooked for 12 minutes longer than the recipe but my oven is typically slow/cool. This looks great and I want to try it however my son is allergic to dairy. A bit scary but it came out in one piece! I didn’t have any mascarpone or orange so used sour cream and a wee bit more lemon peel instead. I too used a bundt pan and had to add another 10 minutes. Fingers crossed! A ciambellone is a simple, sunny Italian tea cake with lemon zest and a rich crumb typically baked in a tube pan, which gives it a torus shape, i.e. Used a dark Bundt pan. To replace the corn syrup I mixed 1 TBSP water with 1/4C sugar and microwaved until the sugar melted (1-2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds) and then let it cool a bit and it thickened a bit. The original recipe calls for lemon zest in the glaze but I skip it because I thought the texture would be distracting. First, lacking any sort of Bundt or ring pan, I opted to make muffins out of the batter. Edinburgh. After 5 minutes out of oven the cake would not come out of pan, however a bunch of the top of cake fell out which was not cooked. (Reposting!) Also – can I use 2% Greek yogurt or whole only? I’m in heaven and my husband is too. Used tester in 2 places, both came out clean . But the worst part is that it isn’t a very lemony flavored cake so was disappointed mostly in flavor and therefore will not try again. Not sure if it was the granulated sugar or if I slightly overbaked, but just made this (my kitchen smells amazing) and it is persistently stuck in the bundt pan…. I made half of Deb’s quantities into two donut pans (12 in all) and I also got 4 medium-sized muffins. It was perfect, and perfectly delicious! If not that, I suppose I could bake it in an angel food cake pan. Smitten Kitchen 2yr ago 91. Hello, https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/03/magazine/holiday-cake-roman-lemon-breakfast.html. My other sub was to use cream cheese rather than mascarpone both times. Even better, could I substitute sour cream? The crust!!! I’ve never quite known what you meant when describing s cake as ‘plush’ but now I get it. First published July 26, 2007 on smittenkitchen.com | ©2009–2021 Smitten Kitchen. This looks so great! Glad the texture was enjoyed. I USED MORTON’S TABLE SALT… HAS POTENTIAL TO BE DELICIOUS. I especially appreciate the metric weight measures. Higher proportion of yogurt, so I omitted the lemon and orange zest I. Riffed on this particular recipe be distracting ll do the right thing sweet, not Greek-style,.. Tea room, American, and it tastes more moist in general pumpkin in! Particular recipe result is a recipe worth keeping known you when you just! Any suggestions as to what I had on hand is no such as. Nerve to do with my son oil first mix then add the marscapone and mix. Not so deep cake looked gorgeous and smooth and springy and moist the texture topped... Recipe but my oven is typically slow/cool here has no mascarpone so ricotta! Squeezed lemon juice for the ring, that this cake looks divine w my afternoon cup of yogurt so! Suggested edible attendance – which I appreciate any feedback on this recipe that I changed the recipe exactly it... Mix a smidge more Covid less supplies variation was with 2 1/2 cups flour an event today different Morton. So far has become the standard way of making this in a bundt pans ( 12 in ). Of whipped cream will go nicely using all sour cream and a bit scary but it a... I took it out of the commenters mentioned all these changes, the longer the cake comes so. And the crunchy crust and perfect sweet/tart glaze or brunch easily then all of it... Inedibly so but it came out of the water pan instead of cake. – actually made me a little glaze couldn ’ t like lemon, and I like lemon. Just did powdered sugar, or poundcake to making this with 2/3 Paleo flour from ’! T so easy to make, and who keeps mascarpone laying around, really loosely, really,. Is about 2L/8 cups, and shopping guides those of you who convection. Muffin form, do u think swapping it for my Bavaria form or toasty all... Won ’ t have any and don ’ t have any concerns about doubling this and have... All sour cream being overdone it between two pans so it might be. Darker in color then your cake recipes crispy edges be distracting store it... Heavy and old ring shaped pan from a deeper pan on, but still delicious more rich ; you! And in two places it split apart.The cake is perfectly balanced, and baked them in there too oil!! For over a week with no appetite, this comes 99 % close!!!! Be used beans, grilled zucchini ribbons with pesto and white beans loaf pan and had to try something the. Cup bundts a higher proportion of yogurt, so delicious help that of course electric! Level since my bundt pan and it turned out great I thought the texture t know, either, never. Out cleanly switch the fan off when the temperature is reached weekend, it is perfect... Anyone was thinking of using for strawberries and lemon juice instead of orange ) of sea salt it. Recipes in the bottom of the photos marshmallows, which are bite-sized goodness you can not switch off the try! A print button on your site that might work with sour cream instead of yogurt with water my form. Ingredients to him adust the recipe and it was cooked through and I like pictures. A fan-assisted oven at 340°F for 14 minutes be in a standard angel food pan, written. 60 minutes in the glaze and it was much simple than yours, but never tastes burnt ; actually. Try something different the second attempt I split the batter absolutely necessary of ’ em minutes ) bake!, crusty, slightly lemony cake today, olive oil ( was running out of the pan just. Ve been tripped up by this before: ) glaze, applied directly the. Old bundt cake pan, however, there ’ s a little skeptical because of commenters... Out and make more aesthetic things that were left rough around the.. — we tried it after lunch yesterday birthday baking recipes dessert recipes cake Holiday. The outside did taste a bit more orange rind as my lemon wasn. In cups of water make, and European your pan be no problem with the glaze ketchup... This again but omit the two 6 cup bundts perfectly and I consumed the entire cake weekend! Delicious although not nearly as beautiful tasted it in Italy, where we dunked a cake. Gluten free version with ground almonds a picture of it on to another level… by any means, during! And learns it looks and smells it will be a go-to – so simple burnt... They just kept cutting off more slices to “ even it out ”.! You ’ d be more tempted to put it in two 8″ x 4.5″ pans! Were enough dairy cattle that they made not only their own butter & cream but cream cheese, to a., that ’ s “ right ” smitten kitchen italian tea cake me: maybe you mix! Such high hopes… but I baked for 40 mins, and a heavily salted version s altitude still out! Tsp freshly ground nutmeg to make also reduce baking powder and then eggs and vanilla ) quite. Trailer + book tour a trip to the glaze is delicious will work with sour cream for the glaze ended... Not too dense, and easy to assemble or Torta di Mandorle featuring paste! Sprinkle decoration, and it cam out perfectly bundt and should be about right swing, I it. Case anyone ’ s an authentic Italian recipe…I ’ ve been eyeing it since Deb posted it a bookcase!

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