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[113] Apart from Electronics and vehicles, most consumer, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, building materials, textiles, home tools, plastics and so on are also manufactured in the country and exported to other west African and African countries. As a manufacturing hub, it is the most industrialized, technologically advanced, and diversified economy on the African continent. The AU plans also include a transitional African Monetary Fund leading to an African Central Bank. [102] Developments such as this have huge potential to open new markets for African countries as the demand for alternative "green" and clean technology is predicted to soar in the future as global oil reserves dry up and fossil fuel-based technology becomes less economically viable. (Economic History of Developing Regions Vol. "How US nurtured dictators to Africa's detriment", http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2017/02/weodata/download.aspx, http://www.uneca.org/atpc/Work%20in%20progress/21.pdf, "World Economic Outlook Database, Octobre 2020", "Gross domestic product (GDP) at current market prices by NUTS 2 regions", "Comptes économiques rapides de La Réunion en 2019", "Figure 1 – Le PIB progresse de 2,2 % en volume en 2019". [119][120][121], The manufacturing sector is small but growing in East Africa. [74][75] Although it has many ports, a lack of supporting transportation infrastructure adds 30–40% to costs, in contrast to Asian ports. The 2019 edition of South African Business covers all the main economic sectors of the South African economy and gives a snapshot of each of the country’s provincial economies.. WASHINGTON, April 8, 2019 – The growth story in Sub-Saharan Africa in the past few years has been one of faltering recovery from the worst economic crisis of the past two decades. International monetary and banking unions include: Major economic unions are shown in the chart below. Ethiopia and Rwanda round up the top three with 8.5% and 7.8% respectively with Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya being the other East African economies in the top 10. An economic rebound among some countries has been evident in recent years, however. [31] External financing increased from $7 billion (2002) to $27 billion (2009). While Nigeria’s economic recovery will be weak, the Western and Central Africa region is expected to experience an average growth of 1.4%. The third-quarter’s solid print was [3] Several international business observers have also named Africa as the future economic growth engine of the world.[10]. [60], Economic activity has rebounded across Africa. Header Image Credit: twitter.com/AfDB_Group, Publish your own articles by creating your blog on The African Exponent. [31] Some sectors are dominated by state spending, others by overseas development aid (ODA) and yet others by private investors. It remains mostly unfree in 2020. Petroleum and petroleum products accounted for a 46.6% share of Africa's total exports in 2010; the second largest export of Africa as a whole is natural gas, in its gaseous state and as liquified natural gas, accounting for a 6.3% share of Africa's exports. This remains the case according to the April 2019, 19th edition of Africa’s Pulse, which estimates GDP growth in 2018 at a lower-than-expected 2.3%, with a forecast to 2.8% in 2019. Commodity prices—crucial for Africa—have declined from their peak due to weaker demand and increased supply, and some could fall further. Perhaps the most crucial indicator of South Africa’s economy in 2019 is that it is an election year. Railroads were emphasized in the colonial era, and roads in 'post-colonial' times. Farmers subject to import and export restrictions cater to localized markets, exposing them to higher market volatility and fewer opportunities. As an oil producing country, Algeria has a GDP of $178.287bn in 2017, but the country’s economic growth has gradually succumbed to pressure from unstable oil market and decline in hydrocarbon production. The economic historian David Kenneth Fieldhouse has taken a kind of middle position, arguing that the effects of colonialism were actually limited and their main weakness wasn't in deliberate underdevelopment but in what it failed to do. Seven of the ten industries contracted in the fourth quarter. For the digital economy to achieve its full potential, consumers must trust the online environment. Although, recent political tensions, power outbreaks had threatened its once blooming economy, its mining sector and agriculture are the country's power assets followed by manufacturing. Are you impressed, have any concerns, or think we can improve this article? [26], With the introduction of the new economic growth and development plan introduced by the African Union members about 27 of its members who average some of the most developing economies of the continent will further boost economic social and political integration of the continent. Not to mention the rich agricultural sector that’s responsible for 18% of the country’s GDP and almost a third of employment. As of 2019 , approximately 1.3 billion people were living in 54 countries in Africa. The digital economy thrives on trust. One school of economists argues that Asia's superior economic development lies in local investment. [96] This focus on growth and diversification of manufacturing and industrial production, as well as diversification of agricultural production, has fueled hopes that the 21st century will prove to be a century of economic and technological growth for Africa. Top 20 Largest Economies In Africa. New York City: Nova Publishers. Nonetheless, growth has been dismal, negative or sluggish in many parts of Africa including Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Burundi. The idea of a single currency union across Africa has been floated, and plans exist to have it established by 2020, though many issues, such as bringing continental inflation rates below 5 percent, remain hurdles in its finalization. This number could reach a projected 128 million by 2020. Africa is richly endowed with mineral reserves and ranks first or second in quantity of world reserves of bauxite, cobalt, industrial diamond, phosphate rock, platinum-group metals (PGM), vermiculite, and zirconium.

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