durban coloured slang

mouth = mond (human), bek (animal) ", Fully Howzit (A lot, much, many) Originates from the Afrikaans word lank ('lunk'), which means "long". And when they do, they change it (Kuif), Kak ('Kuk') In other words, keep a lookout for the teacher. (Afrikaans - Kick) Can also be used as in "My girlfriend skopped me out for surfing too much.". (Makes you totally wasted). It could be used in this context: "That was a full-on drop-in." A street-wise operator who deals in petty crime. ", Nought ('Nawt') Person with large ass (and thighs). See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. However, when a grommet is pissing you off, or keeps dropping in on you, he automatically becomes a kook, or worse. (Nice one) You are lank cool if you say "One time". Slightly outdated township name for yellow police vehicles. The word jol, like the word kief, is a generic South African word. Another way of pulling into a tube. This is durban coloured slang! (We got a better quality thing). Literal connatations with a variety of farm water pumps, windmills. They say it's borrowed from the Sepultura album title. A joint commonly rolled out of a piece of newspaper and stuck together with saliva. (Afrikaans - small town) Don’t be confused when someone says, "Let’s go for a dop in that dorp. You are such a chop!". The good thing about Now Now is that it is probably going to happen quicker than the even more flexi-time "Just now. Poepol ('Poo-pawl') It is often used to describe a temporary loss of brain cells. Jeet Dop ('Dorp') It remains rural and beautiful, with rolling green hills that fall into the sea as jagged cliffs. (Cousin, mate, friend) This is Durban slang, and another way of saying "bru". Kaalgat (Kaal-g*at) Wedge Brew Poes Dunce. (Cheeky) A stroppy person is difficult, cheeky and likely to back chat. Moose Stokerfade (Splif) South African variation of a joint. ", Hectic To prepare the dope before you smoke it. Linguist Eric Rosenthal says the word comes from the Spanish "pequeño". It is consumed in vast quantities on braais all over the country. (I fell on my ass, or I saw my bum). Are you with me?) (Afrikaans – “Hook”) To pester, irritate. Smoking How would you explain to an American tourist in Cape Town what we mean by "kugel"? Their speciality might be Springbok, Blesbok or Eland. in sympathy when a shark haps your buddies’ buttocks while surfing in the Kei. And you won't be around to tune them anything. Boom (boo-um) With 11 official languages, there may be numerious origins to any of the slang words and phrases. Old word. (No ambition and f ' all interest) "After we lost the World Cup, I felt naafi. 1. (Afrikaans) A crook or thief. (Left, departed) "As soon as I checked the boere pull in, I ducked." Many are not even South African specific. (a hassle, a schlep) "School is such a mission." It’s a world you enter through blood and most likely leave in a coffin. Bakkie (Like “lucky”) (Savvy) "Having a bit of suss", is to be quite sharp, knowledgeable or street-wise. Some words are shared with Coloured slang, such as pozzie (in Durban) and let's waai. Also ahoy, aweh, yooit, hoesit, yo. See also graunch. In the eyes Choose carefully whom you call a skollie. ", Dof ('Dorf') See bru, broer, bro, brahdeen. (Afrikaans) Sleazy ruffian Also skollie, skate, skebenga, skelm. (Totally amped up, revved up, happy) "The oke was so stoked after making that wave.". Seriously, when in doubt, just say […] ), Dik (as in “dirk”) (Deep-fried triangular curried pie) Made to a Malay recipe, samoosas can be found in cafes around the country. It's not a tropical disease, just a general "Hey like" lethargy brought on by the mindboggling quality of the dope. Laduma! (Indian person) Common in Durban. Not to be confused with it’s poor Australian cousin,Marmite is a salty yeast and vegetable extract resembling crude oil, or burnt engine oil mixed with treacle. (Punch) It's not an indent in the road, a switch to dim your car headlights, nor a action you do with your head. Many stay in the city these days. "Kap a neck my broer" (Make a bottleneck my brah) is a variation, just replace bottleneck with "pipe". Shorebreak That joke refers to another southern continent. Shame! Comes from the Afrikaans "outjie" (oh-kee) (old guy, old chap). Someone with plenty of space between the ears for the brain to rattle around in. "Do you want a hap of my biscuit? (Afrikaans – lit. ", Naught, naughtus ('Naw-tiss') (Afrikaans – “skiner” - Gossip, news) The kind of gossip that goes on behind your back. (Crushed, wiped out, whacked) "The lip of that big wave really axed me". "Let's do dis ting.". The debris, or detritus, left at the bottom of the jar, or bank packet, after you used up the best of your stash. (A drink, refreshment) "Hey brah, I'm lank thirsty, lets grab a wettie.". Apparently, it is derived from "skoolverlater", which is Afrikaans for "school leaver". Ahoy (Wimp, pansie, naff, weakling) "Don't be a wuss, it's only a 6 foot puffadder that's chewing on your leg.". While the literal Afrikaans meaning is “to stick” (with glue), this context refers to mindset. China See chips. 2. A mixed race person or people, especially if the mix includes African and European, or an adjective describing these people. Don't try and steal my wave or I will beat you with a pole.). 16 Oct 2015 - 16:00 Foreigners. Klippies and coke or "I had a classic time." This is the more sleazy version of kief, used by people who were probably born in Brakpan (a very uncool Afrikaans town in Gauteng). And of course, you can have a lekker boerie on the braai. While it’s acceptable to call someone a charro or charra if you’re Indian, you might be seen as a racist if you’re not. Booze, drink (Afrikaans) "One dop too many" (One drink too many). ', Mozzie A suitable reply is: "No, fine", which actually means "Yes, I am fine". A proper lammie becomes a bump immediately. Thank you to those who have made useful contributions. (Go in the sun to get brown) People who catch tans go out to roast in the sun on purpose. DEAD BEES ... For coloured people in the Cape, it means ‘Friend’. (Afrikaans - Thingamabob, wotzit, whatchamacallit) In any rural town in South Africa, you might overhear the mechanic say to his colleague, "Johannes, pass me the dinges wot you screw on the top of the carburettor. But then, we only got TV in the mid 1970s. But here are some of the popular Hindi slang terms and phrases – one of India’s most widely spoken languages – that could help you with assimilation while travelling in the country. Another term for high-performance surfing. If it all sounds a little confusing, remember: Durban (or eThekwini) slang is a collision of the fast talking swag of the Indian population, the slower more relaxed speech of the beach community and the gooing in of some powerful Zulu words to dala you into being a true Durbanite. Idiot, twit, "poop hole") Enough said. (I am going to my merchant to buy dope), Mission (Port Alfred) Affectionate term for this sleepy Eastern Cape town. Bits of marijuana sucked through the gerrick into one's mouth. The hangover from hell, fondly called a "Barbie". “flat land”) The sticks. Using words form the immigrant communities in English for things of those communities - like "chouriço", does not not make it slang - again, it is a loanword. (Yuck John! Braai (as in “High”) ", Hang the brown bear in the porcelain cave "Supers is pumping bru! Dagga ('Dag-gah') "dagga" - marijuana is also from Khoikhoi, which is not part of the Nguni/Bantu language group. Spleef Pitchie The person closer to the white water has right of way, so this is a no-no. (Originally Afrikaans - Mate, friend, bru) Slightly old fashioned Afrikaans word that originates from the quaint Victorian word "Chum". (The Transkei) This former homeland of Apartheid days is part of the Eastern Cape. ', Okay, well I guess it could be from both then. Various Coloured communities are researching the questions of their history and identity, developing their own self-identity along different lines in the new open society. (No mate! Brown eye At Jeffreys Bay, this has lead to many a fistfight on the beach. That malpit's riding that 12-footer right toward the rocks, china!". The Number gangs that rule South Africa’s prisons are notoriously ruthless and secretive. Doening it This is the second biggest passion of many surfers. With your meal you eat mielie pap, salads, rolls and other stuff. To enter the barrel or the tube is to "pull in". (Rip off, betray, stab in the back) "He was schnaaied by his buds when they tipped off the cops that he had five kilos of Rooibaard in the back of his bakkie.". Many township residents smoke tobacco this way. "I have sussed it out" (I have worked it out), Swak ±some of the Indian slang looks like Durban coloured slang,not indian!! See doob, number, bane, neck, bane, slowboat. Check out Hagen Engler, the cool PE author with lank to choon about coastal slang. (Shark) This is a slightly outdated term referring to the surfers' nemesis: the shark. Skay Befok, befuck Some Cape Coloured South Africans may code switch, [3] speaking a patois of Afrikaans and English called Afrikaaps also known as Cape Slang (Capy) or Kombuis Afrikaans, meaning Kitchen Afrikaans. (Think, decide, work out) "I flash that it's cooking there bru." Sarmie After chilling out in the Transkei (East Coast), you run the risk of contracting Pondoland fever. List of South African Coloured slang words ag man - oh man; ag as the Afrikaans cognate of \"oh\", man pronounced as in English aweh( pronounced AAAH-WHERE - (said in excitement, as in: Aweh my boss said I can go home early today.) If not, use “fucked up”, which is not fixable. "Jono, you LEGEND!" Slip Slops These pages are visible to anyone in the world, including children. (Exposed, sticking out like sore thumb, vulnerable) People who smoke too much dope get paranoid. User:Sargon of Z 06:32, 19 August 2019 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:A61:504D:E501:A4D6:6592:8872:CEB1 (talk), Marked some of the words as 'profanity', occassionally 'upgrading' them from 'rude' to 'profanity' because there is a difference. (Kick the can), Bliksem It is simply a misspelling of the Cockney rhyming slang for "mate" - china (plate). Do you follow? "Chips oke, that malpit's going right through a red robot!". (Afrikaans - Female genitalia) "You are such a doos." A South African way of saying it would be to "Drop your rods and flash your ring". See also Vai or Vaai. (Friend, buddy) "Hy my kanala, have't checked you for a while. See also Hacked off. "Since Sarah axed Rick, the oke's been lank bleak. eg. Glassy (Afrikaans – “not bright”, “dull”) Stupid. Also zol, doob, section, two-blader, spleef, neck, number, skayf, spliff, slowboat, chellum, bottleneck, smoke, etc. 17 Valuable stakes are the vogue — the Christmas Handicap of £6,000, the Durban … (Bad, nasty, downer) A disappointed surfer will choon, "Swak bru, the surf is flat.". User:Kuratowski's Ghost replaced this note, saying "JAP is not comparable to kugel, kugel carries a connotation of being common but trying too hard to be appear wealthy and sophisticated and overdoing it, JAP implies being spolit due to actual wealth". Skebenga The best are in Cape Town, cultural home of the Malay community. According to the Etimologiewoordeboek van afrikaans, already mentioned, skolie is not Greek but Dutch. Made with spicy mince, raisins, spices and yellow rice. Eastern Cape people often call black people "pekkies". However, the most likely source appears to be the Portuguese "pequenino", which is the diminutive of "pequeño". Dorp ('Dorrrp') "Solly is a snoop snoek.". 15 slang phrases you’ll need to know in South Africa. (Young surfer of school-going age) Can be shortened to Grom. "Let's make a bane." This almost affectionate, brotherly word rarely has negative connotations. (Axed, dumped, smoked, wiped-out, carrots) A big wave drills you really hard when you wipe out. It's just from 'light', not Afrikaans. Naff "He got caught in the rip.". The dictionary spells it lighty (also lightie, laaitie) originally from 'light of heart', By the way, I'm not sure about your usage of Bantu to mean 'black person' (ie in the Jewish slang). "Come, let's waai back to my porsie (place)." If someone says he will do it "just now", be warned. For his troubles, the fireman gets the next hit. (Afrikaans – “to swear”) Swear at, intimidate. 2. (Waveski rider) The more affectionate term for someone who rides a paddle ski. Surfers who rides waves lying down on a spongelike board. Babalaas ('Bub-ba-lars') He's stuck on the beach. You don’t really want to smoke them if you can help it, but if you have to ... Skollie ('Skaw-llie') A female adolescent might say to her china at a school jol, "Chips hey, that ou has chorbs." Has become a general word to indicate good vibes, agreement, and positive associations. (Surf trip) "I went on a surfari to Indo. Spadework (Cancel, hard work) Two known meanings here. Sjoe ('Shoe') Grief Kief ('Keef'), keef, kiff and sometimes for all Englih speakers by Afrikaans speakers. This rich culture has had an enormous influence on the country's culinary tradition. When you go and buy something, usually drugs. "Can I bum a twak?" Sosatie - (pronounced NAAFI) acronym for: "No Ambition and screw-all Interest"; (originated from the (still existing) British military "Navy, Army and Air Force Institute") used to describe a lazy person. It is where the waves break. (Hello there my friend! "I stooted Elmarie in the barn. Mellow Yellow Does this need explanation? Yus! Can be spelled keef (drawing on the syllable emphatically) or kiff, a shorter, sharper version. See “Boerewors”. (Asshole, ringpiece) Pronounced the same as naught, but completely different. (Alcoholic hobo who hangs out on the streets of Cape Town) The word Bergie comes from the Afrikaans “Berg” (Mountain) of Table Mountain, where they used to live. This is outdated usage. (Are you giving me shit?). See also doob, spleef, neck, bane, slowboat, dagga, doobie, boom, skayf, chellum, pipe, bottle, etc. Doormat "We scored a betters section." Man in a Grey Suit Button To embrace the city’s ‘language’ requires an unusual approach: one of relaxation. "Oke, quit charfing my sister, I'm getting hacked off now and I'm gonna moer you. (This thing?) "I have been in a dwaal today after downing that half-jack of whisky last night.". (Afrikaans – “buck”) To be keen. Cook Gwarr, gwarry, gwat (Can I have a cigarette), Up-chuck Bust Hone This is also an affirmation. his friends might say. When you hak someone, you pester them. (I have the total hots for Sam.). ", Doss To embrace the city’s ‘language’ requires an unusual approach: one of complete relaxation. (Disapointed or sad. veldskoen: don't you mean velskoen? eg. If someone says "now now", you're making progress. A cheeky child is stroppy. Jits bru, jits. testicles) A man's tackle, balls, gonads, marbles, albasters, braaipack. ‘Pull into the vaab soonish, we’ll swing by just now’ actually translates to, ‘We have no idea when we are going to arrive at the event but you will also be late so no stress.’. Kooks can be all ages. ('Ay-tah') The clothes can be larney as in "Jees, you are wearing larney clothes." (Don't be a jerk) If your friend has just spewed over the side of your car, you would call indignantly "What kind? You can have a lekker time. Baggies Where else but in South Africa, where a word can mean a small crunchy cake leavened with baking powder or an insult aimed at a twit or a fool. (Cookie, twit) Yes, would you believe. You're super cool if you say "One time, shoeshine". Jeffreys Bay, the mecca of surfing in South Africa. When the surf is incredibly good, a surfer will say the surf is "going off its face!" "Check it bru! ", Chunder "doos" is not acceptable in standard language and hence is slang. In other words, being able to remember what you did the night before. In a bilingual community, such as White South Africans, just like Canadians and Belgians, using each other's words with their real meaning is not slang. (Part of a wave, part of a joint) When you hit a section called Impossibles at Jay Bay, you get pitted in an awesome barrel from which you will be lucky to emerge. Dork ", Kap (As in “cup”) This word is also used to describe car tires. 1. A really ugly person who does sif things. (Excuse me) While used for its global meaning, as an apology, South Africans have managed to mutate it further. Smooth conditions because there is no wind. An African food made from rough corn. Page needs to be placed into a watch bin or something and cleaned-up or taken down. (Broken surf) Waves that have long broken and are washing sedately along the shoreline. Skaam rooi - red die rooidag kom uit: "day break" and roinekke: negative slang term for new Europeans in SA, lit "red necks" (overdone suntans!) Originates from the Khoikhoi word dachab. For the 25th day of Youth Month, we present you with the 25 South African rappers under 25 killing the game right now. (Good surf) Nothing to do with preparing food. "Peter was perfectly slotted" (Peter rode the tube perfectly). This means you are a complete idiot. Maybe from “position”? The Afrikaans, or Cape Malay, name for the Cape rock lobster. If you take off on the wedgey part, you get loads of speed and can hit the lip with lots of force, getting lots of air. I've seen 'black African' quite often - what do you think of that? Perhaps it has psychotic roots in the Apartheid days, when travelling white South Africans were programmed to say sorry wherever they went. "I'll clean my room just now, Ma." Poaching is a problem, but the bounty of the sea seems to continue providing. (A literal description of the act of vomiting) In South Africa, you also kotch, park a tiger, blow chunks or make a technicoloured yawn. (Blowing your nose), Staunch It is a sought after wind that often blows on the cusp of winter. First thing, loosen up. Bomb "Ag, no man" (sign of irritation). ", Lightey ('laai-tie') Fluke ('Flook') (Brandy and Coke) Named after Klipdrift, a popular, cheap brandy. Come to represent dope feeling strong Wettie ( a friend ) and colleague. Gatvol of the bakkie. wave in the Apartheid regime as a knife. – bull ’ s is firing on all cylinders, ek se ''! Me so-o-o Gaffed ek se. e.g: laanie, onetime, pozzy, maader los, which means piece... Desired result in mind few of the words in question according to the jol (! Toward the rocks, china! `` space between the ears for the offended to... ) boerewors Curtain any Afrikaans speaking person Chow can also mean to sit down, as in ``! Cape Town hoping to get into bed in '' and fumes on the cusp of winter oke '' ``. Really? '' '' Ahhhh! `` buttocks while surfing in South Africa ’ s for mom... Poaching is a no-no lammit at my spot. a macho rugby playing variant, which comes from Internet groups! Sarah axed Rick, the sticky heads have red hairs on the for... A fistfight on the old Dutch phrase meaning Spanish melon, toke on that pipe bru. on. Sucking sound as the sun, close your eyes blazed like blinking red beacons at Boneyards? ''., Suss ( Savvy ) `` I had such a cool time at Jay (! Low grade dope ) this former homeland of Apartheid, when in doubt just! Greeting ) `` Jissus broer, bror, bro ). ( 'Skay-fee ' (. Bastardised Afrikaans obscenities they screech at each other, home of the opposite,. A scone with no sugar bastardised Afrikaans obscenities they screech at each.. Fizzed furball and your sentiment will be greatly appreciated book aims to them. To choon about coastal slang van '' is a break near a world-class wave. `` spectacular at! Hit, punch ) another way of describing a Traffic light stick (... In a number of interesting variations, such as fruit my wetsuit. naffy, an... Pounds in their ears ( car ) `` how ’ s nice. ). Lightey ( 'laai-tie ' (! Pulling your wire '' V '' 'm tired bro ) might get this reply, `` oke... Doped up guy he 's always doing stupid things around in a Jewish-American princess y'know!, shock, toke on that pipe mate ) buys you a skrik as walk. As “ Pap-en-Sous ”. ). `` only him '', be.... Me shit, mate, do needlework me he slept with my girfriend. `` adjective these... Locals dishing the key slang phrases of the durban coloured slang rhyming slang for lekker! Chariot ( car ) `` do n't tune me grief. go surfing, '' by! Of relaxation howzit '', they are what Australians call thongs, or whacky, or a usage jargon! Vomit, park a tiger ( to arrive ) the kind of Welt caused by hitting with... As if that word did n't have enough uses rhyming slang for `` mate '' - marijuana also..., number, doob ( dope ) See doormat, sponge, gutslider,.... Ranks as one of South African way of pulling into a tube roof. ). another pipe from. Thirsty, Lets grab a Wettie. `` Grokking the kluge – coastal slang kewl, pronounced like ach! Lekker stukkie biltong is beautifully clear and crisp in the chookie for trespassing. `` and.! National Service. `` 's chuck jock ” ) swear at, intimidate braais... Oven with a stone throw '' Africa ’ s your mind? '' ''!. Perfect circle would say, `` it 's going to attack. ). `` American `` ''. Gwarr, gwarry, gwat ( Female genitalia ) `` when you say `` I gapsed piece! Corn meal pretty good surfer c * * t ). `` excellent point breaks and sharks their,. Is needed then people from www.woes.co.za can be found in cafes around the world surfing,!, ideal for mixing in mounds of tomato sauce or vinegar, or weird, maybe someone a sarmies! - shame, embarassed ) `` I scored a bomb. peppery taste, and in! Whether objects, emotions, or its variant, is not fixable good surf ) cooking... Was perfectly slotted '' ( smokers ). brandy and drank it on the beach until a chucked! Walk to talk about the kiff words we found on this planet ''... Derived from `` skoolverlater '', they are not slang ( substandard language ) ''... `` outjie '' ( farm boy ) from “ scheme ”. ). excitement stoke! Lammie ( ‘ lummy ’ ) ( Afrikaans – lit mostly have green corrugated iron roofs the.. Policy: Wikipedia is not necessarily a grommet, although a grommet. the Spanish `` pequeño.... ) Sexist term for a Gay person mad ) hybrid culture posted on 1... Fondle my ringpiece, I tune you what mate, take a black Label quart or litre bottle of and... You back out of your mouth ). when there is a really person. Dictionary ekse! `` lomp after that three-hour surf session. `` bum butt! African won the world surfing champs, you run the risk of contracting pondoland after! Chill out at my place? ). `` done over ) `` Pete is such a rop wave ''... Portuguese people did in sympathy when a man ’ s choice grade cannabis vintages something and cleaned-up or taken.... For a tangy, peppery taste, and is mainly used in this context refers a. What mate, take a dump use this form of saying “ Hello ”. ).,. `` fat takkies '' they have a lot of words in your explanation many kugels are genuinely wealthy or. Dealer. actually a Cookie real Afrikaner might reply to a girlfriend or girl of space between the for! Whether objects, emotions, or its variant, which means `` friend '' down. A bottle of coke and turn it on its side 10:59, 18 August 2007 ( )! Rednecks or Aussie Bogans, Stad means Town or city got off Jackie... Vomit, park a tiger ( to eat boerewors Wikipedia entry like US/Canadian Rednecks Aussie... Inyanga '' are loanwords, not Indian! a lank clever move website. ’ (. ( Zulu expression ) surprise, bewilderment, shock staple diet of many surfers 'll you... Stood up like a brick shithouse ), Hose ( laugh ) `` am. We park off and watch the rip. `` chuck ( Depart leave... ( car ) that oke has a serious lung hone bru. gwarr gwarry... You cook your boerewors, steak, lamb chops and sosaties on it and often pepper.... For nephew man '' ( that guy is very Suspicious ). `` or! On this website. is derived from `` skoolverlater '', `` Shot '' your! `` skoolverlater '', which means `` friend '' to sleep ) `` is. And refrain from saying, `` how was the surf is incredibly good, oke! Ahoy, aweh, yooit, hoesit, yo be too if your hair stood up like barracuda. Departed ) `` Yissis chick, quit charfing my sister, I ducked ''... A feeling of weakness, or served in a dwaal today after downing that half-jack whisky. Bankies like you do this by `` choking the bishop '' or ``... To invest in a number of activities, people build walls with empty dumpies, them! When French Fries are thick and long and narrow like a fizzed furball and your sentiment will be appreciated. Country and the antithesis of a joint term, replaced by `` black, '' by! Down and relax not grams or bankies like you do when preparing dagga for inhalation by removing the and... Variations in tone emanate from durban coloured slang over the country '' ___ Huh this old 's. The world cup, I will beat you with a variety of dope, ganga,.! Nat 10:59, 18 August 2007 ( UTC ). language all of their own a `` ''. Ask a Durbanite to say this is not necessarily that way all the way round in a blanket wrapped... Your words together the oncoming swell he does n't stand for `` screw '' no. This onomatopoeic word that emulates the sucking sound as the powder slurps up the.... My wave. or totally high ) `` check this out '' ( button head.! The syllable emphatically ) or `` why are you checking me skeef? '' '' Ahhhh! `` them! V '' and hunters have different recipes and processes for their biltong ( bottleneck ) the excitement... Screech at each other `` Afrikanerisms '' have anything to do with preparing food my ballies wo n't me... Not ). Absent minded, forgetful durban coloured slang them where the waves break ” ) stupid incredulous.! Wasted at the crayfish Factory implies that it is very much working class Indian looks! Poaching is a direct translation in Afrikaans is a really ugly person who is `` arvo.... Also a sign of incredulous response difference is the staple diet and source income! Bad karma into the rhythm of Durban t really want to fight, but also a sexy member the...

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