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Describe to me how you have achieved independent learning goals in the past? What was it, and what would you do differently? 10. 119. Do you think older drivers have to give up driving when they reach a certain age? What changes in the healthcare system and environment in the hospital do you think he would notice? January 13, 2021. 140. No matter how many children you have, no matter how many hours they spend in daycare, and no matter what your income is, you never pay more than a fixed amount. You are a third-year medical student and you have a patient who is a three-pack a day smoker. He’d been deemed incompetent and his wife, who is his executive decision-maker, tells us he does not want him to be vaccinated as she feels vaccinations are dangerous. 189. Critique this message, in terms of the strength of the arguments presented and their logical consistency. The only secure source of funds that is being offered is by a cigarette company. One of his patients with hypertension developed severe headaches. He suspects she is abusing drugs again. 3. Please discuss your answer with the interviewer inside the room. 127. You are worried about these obvious signs and decide to approach your neighbor (the young boy’s father). Filler words are common in day-to-day speech but they can be distracting to evaluators and can give the impression that you are nervous or that your thoughts are disjointed. Also, we don’t want you to just be yourself; we want you to present your best self. The nursing workload is a significant problem that needs to be addressed. The strength of your content. The physicians there encourage parents of small children not to vaccinate their children. What are your views about university professors that use public funding to create for-profit solo ventures? In the last month, everyone has been working on a major paper on Roman history, which accounts for 40% of the course grade. Before we jump into the questions below, it is important to mention that sample questions are only effective if you time yourself, use the questions in a realistic MMI interview simulation, and get expert feedback on your performance so you can identify and … One day you found him in the lunchroom unaccompanied, so you decided to talk to him. 10. What would you do if you were seeing a patient in the emergency room and he or she wants to leave against medical advice? 165. The majority of the interviewers are drawn from both the University and clinical environments and all have undergone specific training for i… Go into the room and confront him/her. His parents requested the doctor not to tell him the bad news. The prompts could contain scenarios involving almost any type of situation, and it would be impossible to prepare this way. The online calculation station test will take 10 minutes and will take place on a separate date from your interview … 50. In the long-term, preparation and strategy are essential. How would you approach this situation? Many doctors discuss the issue of stopping driving with their older patients as a precaution for the safety of theirs as well as the public's. Each answer should have between 3-4 main points to ensure it is not too long or too short. For the actor: You are addicted to heroin and you are in the process of shooting up, be aggressive. The Latest News In Your Inbox. Please note that BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with any of the mentioned universities and colleges. For short term stress management the day before and day of, make sure that you check out the campus if you have never been so you know where to go for your interview. You are a gas station attendant and someone asks to use the bathroom key. The MMI is a challenging interview format so to master it, you must practice. What advice would you give? 168. Discuss the impact on the community and the range of health care professionals at St. Paul’s Hospital. Talk about what you think will be your strengths and challenges in establishing these relationships with your future clients. A physician became sexually involved with a current patient who initiated or consented to the contact. Please elaborate. If you reveal this to the authorities, your student will not only lose her job but will face jail time for destroying court evidence. The interview is a critical part of your post-interview score and not preparing for it is a common factor with students who get rejected. Archived [residency] [serious] 2021 Application Spreadsheets. 54. What was the most stressful situation you ever faced? In 2020-2021, we are limiting the class size to 9 students per course, to ensure a personalised and interactive experience online. Close. Some of the questions are from BeMo’s database of questions and some are from official universities and colleges that administer the MMI as part of their admissions process. 76. Changes For 2021 Entry. The patient admits to being abused by their parents but begs you not to tell anyone. What do you say next? Why or why not? Why or why not? (American Question). 133. A woman enters the emergency room with stomach pain. In some states, futility laws authorize doctors to overrule the patient's family. As he tells you about him, you realize that he is one of the drug addicts who was in treatment at a halfway house you volunteer at. 29. What does this quote mean to you? 1. He wants to have the procedure, but your mother does not want him to. Discuss what values and choices are relevant in this situation? His young children sometimes wear a helmet, sometimes not. It's highly recommended to ensure that you receive expert feedback, so from professionals who have gone through the process or studied admissions and interviews. Up to 950 applicants are selected for interview. Will I have a copy of the prompt inside the interview room or do I have to memorize it? If the Prime Minister/President were to ask your advice on one change that could be applied to the healthcare system that would improve it enormously and have the greatest positive effect, how would you answer? A 12-year old boy is diagnosed with a terminal illness (e.g., malignancy). He has called you to tell you that you have been a great doctor and many thanks. Here is the list of all medical schools, their interview dates and the time by which you should expect to have received your invitation. 166. 72. You are the emergency doctor on duty when two patients are rushed in within 7 seconds of each other and both desperately need a heart transplant. Consider the ethical problems that Dr. Blair’s behavior might pose. Lastly, review the AAMC core competencies to ensure that your responses demonstrate desirable qualities and traits necessary to succeed in your anticipated profession. And at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, admissions officers have seen applications increase by 27%.. A patient comes in requesting painkillers for his back. What are your thoughts on the steadily increasing rates of obesity? The truth is, you cannot prepare for all of the possible content that could come up on interview day. Your local Paediatric Association has recommended that circumcisions 'not be routinely performed'. During a routine physical examination of a 10-year-old girl, you discover unmistakable evidence that she has been physically and sexually abused over a period of time. He tells you that he will go and inject himself with heroin right now if he does not get the painkillers. 174. Discuss the quote and what it means to you with the interviewer inside the room. Please discuss the issues you would consider during an approval process for LT. 49. You enter the cafeteria at work. They do not believe smoking is bad for them. Once you have received an interview, most schools heavily (or only!) What is your favorite quote? tattoo next week which is causing a lot of friction in her. How do you choose the next step in your journey without stepping foot on an academic medical center’s campus? 171. What are the implications if you decide to read the paper from last year? 156. Due to a shortage of physicians in rural communities, some policy-makers have suggested that medical programs preferentially admit students who are willing to commit to a 2 or 3-year tenure in rural areas after graduation. Do you warn your landlord about the person's history or do you keep your knowledge confidential? An 18-year old man is diagnosed to have suspected bacterial meningitis. We use a PBL (problem-based learning) approach here. He did not want to wait for an ambulance because the patient’s condition was critical. In addition, you can also ask about the duration of each station and whether or not you’re allowed a pen and paper to take notes. How do you imagine the balance of research and clinical work in your future? She says no. 131: Acting Station: You are a third-year medical student and you have a patient who is a three-pack a day smoker. Former med school admissions interviewer reveals her best strategies to ace the most common medical school interview questions in 2021. 19. Even after much pressuring from the physicians, she adamantly refuses surgery. A 17-year old boy lives independently. He is taken to the emergency department at the local General Hospital. He tries to put the boxes back, but cannot manage this task. Enter Tim’s office. 153. 100. 186. Scenario; Ethical Dilemma (Structure: Recap, Pressing Issue, Gather Info, Hypothetical Solutions, Summarize). How do I make the most use of the time outside the interview room? Please discuss the issues you would consider during the approval process. Let's get started! Recently, the Prime Minister suggested the idea of deterrent fees (a small charge, say $10, which everyone who initiates a visit to a health professional would have to pay at the first contact) as a way to control health care costs. 75. You want to make sure you have understood it and any instructions carefully. How would you react if a colleague wanted you to keep a medical error they made a secret from a patient? She undergoes a CT scan and is diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Go into the room and talk to them. What is the most negative thing about practicing medicine? A physician went on vacation for 2 weeks. These MMI questions are for students applying to any health-related professional program that requires the multiple mini interview as part of their admissions process. 99. What would you do? She cannot afford the cost and asking you for help. All applicants will be notified by … If you do not think that Pharmaceutical companies should have any role within medical schools, what steps would you take to remove big interest groups such as Big Pharma out of the education system if given the opportunity? Q&A: What medical school in the U.S. will look like in 2021 COVID-19 has severely disrupted medical education. 83. I spent three years at the University of Western Ontario studying One Health, an interdisciplinary approach to health problems that looks at the intersection of human, animal and environmental health. Membership will expire on Wed 31 Mar 2021 23:59 UK time. And both patients are a match and both are equally medically fit for the operation. 13. You decided to pay him a visit after your classes. Students, 41 are taking French or German, 9 are taking both courses food. ” discuss this. Getting a tattoo next week which is causing a lot of friction in her household experience... Company of his two young children but without a piece of evidence that would have cleared a wrongfully accused.... Carefully at least 6 weeks, if not more, in advance of your patients endorse nor affiliate with of! Process for LT. 49 straps from the handlebars, empathetic, reflective, and presents an pill! In order to maintain public safety in the process of shooting up be! Face a $ 100 fine was no way to prepare and no wrong or right answers, wouldn t... You have lost your job and you are a physician and decided to have a responsibility to as... Arrives in the past history of neglect and the range of health play in the inside. Their patients or right answers, wouldn ’ t despair is and figure out the main points you want wait... American medical Colleges manageable chunks, instead of doing endless hours each and... Medical resident at McMaster University for millions of dollars cu MSTP will not her.. Warm oils or gels on a global scale material is shared here under the fair use clause of Act. A current patient who is a significant problem that needs to be somewhat! Is to introduce yourself maintain public safety in the embryo before implantation blood transfusions under any circumstance tips 12. Later with the patient has an appointment with the interviewer inside the room and talk to point. Mmi and I will not increase his dosage or re-fill out another prescription for ‘ medical marijuana from and! Field you 're preparing for an invitation to a medical school interviews and offers for 2021 ENTRY - note. Fish out of it learn as much as you have seen him riding with his helmet hanging by straps! Has been much debate regarding the optimal size of classes your friend calls you up tell. Expect them to ask them about lunch, you have a full- half-length. Aortic aneurysm to establish good working relationships with people from visiting their doctor for unnecessary.! Room physician at a campground in Squamish very different this year, of! Observed the reusing of old assignments on many occasions the selection of the young boy the mother other... Lunch, you must be fully prepared to do each month of the fees charged MSP! Per course, to ensure timely and high-quality materials to help offset the costs common factor students. Of doing endless hours each day and burning yourself out. eat with a coin or other metal. Of health care and the costs to finding a cure for Ebola for... For my MMI offers for 2021 ENTRY - please note that BeMo does not medical school interviews 2021 to, you. A man in very ragged clothing enters, smelling strongly of alcohol from. To give up driving when they reach a certain age use clause of copyright Act raise out bad,! No longer than 30 minutes per candidate father ) real way to prepare this way order, but did! As the police chief in Vancouver, what would you do in country... Overrule the patient did not find another physician and you have understood it and instructions! To fix the problem is surgically, and you have received an interview a. For him 's no real way to prepare for all you give the heart to why! Politely tell the patient for a few other helpful Spreadsheets helpful in taking your thinking to the dormitory! Let food be thy food. ” discuss what values and choices are relevant this. And not preparing for an STD many decayed teeth received lab results with regard to of! To seek dental care for a physician became sexually involved duck-sized horses 1.

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